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  • Sample science answers
  • Screenshot of the Solar system answer

    See our Solar System in motion with different views and facts about each planet at any stage of its orbit. Search for ‘solar system’ to get the answer.

    Find additional resources for exploring and learning more about our solar system here.
  • Screenshot of the Constellations answer

    Curious about the night sky? Which constellation includes the North Star and what is its proper name? Search for ‘constellations,’ then navigate through the stars to find out.

  • Screenshot of the Periodic table answer

    An interactive table that allows you to explore elements in depth. Just search for ‘periodic table’ to find detailed properties of each element.

  • Screenshot of a Molecular structure answer

    Find Lewis structure views, facts about bonds, and other details about molecules. Search by molecule name, for example ‘water molecule’ or ‘methane molecule,’ or by chemical formula, like ‘H2O compound’ or ‘CH4 compound.’

  • Screenshot of the Stopwatch answer

    How quickly are you working through your flashcards? Use our stopwatch to find out. Then, try out our timer to count down your timed tests. Search for ‘stopwatch’ or ‘timer’ to get started.

  • Screenshot of an Unit conversion answer

    How many miles are in a kilometer? How many ounces are in 3 liters? Just search for ‘convert units.’

  • Screenshot of an Elements answer

    What’s the atomic mass of mercury? The melting point of lithium? The symbol for potassium? Easily find key properties of each element in the periodic table. Search for the name of the element or select one on the periodic table.

  • Screenshot of a Science constants answer

    What’s the speed of light? The value of the Faraday constant? Find scientific constants by searching for them by name, like ‘speed of light.’ For a larger list of constants available on Bing, see the index.

  • Sample mathematics answers
  • Screenshot of the Multiplication table answer

    Need help with multiplication or just want to improve your skills? Search for ‘multiplication table,’ to find a quick answer or challenge yourself with a fun quiz.

  • Screenshot of a Number theory answer

    Just search for a number to see its properties: ‘21 number,’ for example, to see if it’s happy, weird, prime, or all three.

  • Screenshot of a Polynomial solver answer

    Enter a polynomial equation in the Bing search box or search for ‘polynomial solver’ for help solving polynomial equations.

  • Screenshot of a Geometry shapes answer

    Discover all kinds of facts about the shapes that surround you with our geometric shapes answer. Search for the shape name, ‘octahedron’ for example.

  • Screenshot of the Calculator answer

    Left your calculator at home? Let Bing crunch those numbers for you—just search for ‘calculator’.

  • Screenshot of a Geometry calculator answer

    Explore formulas for area, perimeter, volume, and more with the geometry calculator. Search for a math expression like ‘volume of a pyramid’ and start calculating.

  • Screenshot of a Graphing function

    Algebra, geometry, and calculus on your mind? Use our graphing functions to see graphs of equations. Enter an equation like ‘Sin(x)/3(x)’ or ‘Tan(x)’ in the search box to get to the graph.

  • Screenshot of a Currency conversion answer

    How many US dollars will you get for 1 Bitcoin? To find currency conversions, search for ‘1 btc to USD’ or ‘US dollars per Thai baht’ for current conversion rates.

  • Sample humanities answers
  • Screenshot of an On this day answer

    Search for ‘On this day’ and you’ll find descriptions of events that took place on this day in history. You can also enter different days of the year and explore answers for that date, ‘Nov 20 in history’ for example. What happened in history on your birthday?

  • Screenshot of an English to Spanish translation

    Translate text, webpages, essays, and more in 50 different languages. Use the search word ‘translator,’ then enter the text, choose the language, and voila!

  • Screenshot of the Guitar tuner answer

    The guitar tuner lets you set your tuning preference and provides you with perfect pitch to make music. Search ‘guitar tuner’ and choose your tuning preference.

  • Screenshot of the Citation answer

    Cite sources properly in your homework or research paper. Choose among different available format based on your academic requirements.

  • Screenshot of the World of Words answer

    Enrich your vocabulary or get tips for poetry, crosswords, and many types of word games. The results display the top 10 words that start with, end with, or contain letters that you choose.

  • Screenshot of a Smart answer

    Bing provides answers to common questions like, ‘How long is the Nile River?’ and ‘What is the tallest building in the world?’ Just enter your question in the search box.

  • Screenshot of the Family tree answer

    Trace the lineage of royal families, individual kings, or queens, by scrolling through time while learning about each family member.

  • Screenshot of a Famous persons answer

    It’s all about the delivery. Search for important people in history and listen to snippets of their famous speeches. Find links to the speeches in the Snapshot pane on the right side of your results page. For example, search for ‘Martin Luther King, Jr’ and you’ll find an audio clip of his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.

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